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Champions Club

Grades K - 12

Sundays @ 10:45 am

Purpose Statement:
Champions Club of DPC is a special needs ministry, specialized in ministering to, and designing developmental areas for kids in elementary school and middle school (K-8th grades) with special needs and the medically fragile. We have partnered with the Champions Club Network to help meet the developmental needs of individuals with special needs in four important ways: SPIRITUALLY, EMOTIONALLY, PHYSICALLY, and CREATIVELY.

The Champions Club of DPC is made up of volunteers with basic training to minister the Gospel and show the love of Christ. We are connected to the Champions Club Network and our team of volunteers receive ongoing training from the network.

Core Value #1
We will do our best to minister to every child with the guidance of parent/guardian.

Core Value #2
Every person walking in to a Champions Club will feel loved and accepted.

Core Value #3
We offer a holistic approach of care that develops the mind, body, soul and spirit.

Core Value #4
We give tangible hope to every family with special needs and the medically fragile.

Core Value #5
We develop the gifts and talents of those with special needs so they can become everything God has created them to be.

Champions Curriculum
The Champions Club Curriculum helps kids with special needs understand who God is and what God’s plan for their life is. The curriculum follows the four stations of development at Champions Clubs: Creative Learning, Sensory Development, Physical Development, and Spiritual Development. Each component plays an integral part in the development of individuals with special needs. With five different units, the Champions Club Curriculum brings you a full year’s worth of material to teach your students with special needs the Word of God.

Champions Club Curriculum is the result of combining our knowledge and practical experience. It is easy to implement, easy to understand, and most importantly, a lot of FUN for both champions and teachers!


When do you offer Champions Club classes?
Sundays @ 10:45 am service

How do I get my child connected?
Fill out the form below or call the church office to setup an Intake Appointment with our team.

What is the Intake Appointment?
It is a scheduled time for one of our CC Leaders to meet with the parents/guardians and student to get to know them, show them around CC and to go over important information. We desire to know everything that is important to the student so we can best minister to them.

Can I just show up on a Sunday without the Intake Appointment?
No. It is vital for us to meet with you first during the Intake Meeting. Once that has been accomplished, your student will be ready to join CC each week.

Is there any steps to take for Sunday classes?
Yes. Each week we would appreciate you filling out "Plan to be there Sunday" form each week on Saturday by 4 pm if possible. This will help the team know who is coming and be prepared to minister to all those participating each week.

Intake Appointment Form

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Sunday Attendance Form

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Contact Our Team Form

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