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VISION:  DPC is a church that shows and provides Love, Support, and Compassion to our DPC Family that experience illness, injury or grief.


PURPOSE:  Love, Support and show Compassion in times of   illness, injury or grief.


MISSION:  CARE MINISTRY provides LOVE, SUPPORT, and COMPASSION through timely Hospitality, Visitation, & Bereavement Support to our DPC Family experiencing illness, injury or grief.





1. DPC Family will send notification of situation and need to ministry email or phone: or (church phone #) 573-808-3534


2. CARE MINSTRY Leaders will review and coordinate appropriate support to include Meal Train Initiation, Prayers, Pastoral Care, Visitation or Compassion Cards.


3. CARE MINSTRY Dream Team Members will be informed of support requested.

 Illness or Injury:  Phone Call, A Meal, Prayer, Compassion Card or Visitation.

 Grief:  Phone Call, A Meal, Prayer, Compassion Card or Funeral Support.

 “Accept” support requested and take appropriate actions or offer prayers.


4. CARE MINISTRY Dream Team Members sends communication of completion.




1. Support the DPC Family & their immediate family in times of significant distress.

2. Build Dream Team to support DPC Family in times of illness, injury or grief.


Illness is a hospital stay or serious sickness that one is recovering from at home.


Injury is a major trauma to the body or soul causing disability to normal functioning.


Grief is a strong emotional response to the loss of a loved one, but could include a job, marriage, home to fire or something of great value and importance.


Pastoral Care or Funeral Support will be offered to those in significant distress.

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